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How to Cut Video

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How to Cut Video Files

Have you ever been bothered by how to cut video files just as you like? While, now you can know the best and easiest way to cut video clip as following.

First of all, download free Video Cutter and install it in your computer. The following one will be your best choice.

How To Cut Video Off


You can learn to cut video files in the following three situations:

Situation 1. If you dislike Clip B and want to remove it from the video, please trim Clip A and Clip C and Check the box "". Thus you can remove Clip B from the total Video file.

Situation 2. If you only want to get Clip B from the video, just trim Clip B by setting the start point and end point of Clip B.

Situation 3. There maybe Clip D, Clip E, ... in you situations. You can use the same way to do that. It means 1) you can remove more unwanted clips; 2) you can get more seperate or merged favorite clips; 3) use the same format as the source or convert it to other formats such as MP4, FLV or iPod, etc.


Add the video by clicking . Then choose the video and click .Play it in the new poped out clip interface.



Click and to set the duration of the clip.


Click to set duration of a new clip.




Click "OK" then the clips will be listed in the file list.


Choose the format and folder in the drop-down lists.




Choose the clip you want and click to start outputting.


Now you know how to cut video files. Isn't it easy and fast? While, there are many other amazing functions of the Video Cutter software. For example, it can help you to add subtitles into videos. Experience the other powerful functions right now!

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